We are nothing without those who surround us.

Luma was founded in 1991 with a vision to provide world-class brand and communications insights to our clients. At the time, most research was based on old-school models of how brands grow and communications work. We saw an opportunity to bring emotions and implicit approaches to our research and provide our clients with stronger and more meaningful strategic insights.

We developed the global creative effectiveness tool add+impact®. Our unique methodology and database predicts the effectiveness of creative assets by understanding how an ad makes people feel. It is the human insights not just how many saw or liked or clicked. We aspire to be the global leader in brand and communications consulting. Our mission is to help our clients to grow their brands and achieve their goals. We aim to deliver exceptional insights on all of our projects. We strive to be at the forefront of the technology within the research industry. We prioritise our clients needs and the service we provide.

We pride ourselves on thinking smarter and utilising innovative technologies to deliver deeper insights. Despite our BIG experience, we are agile, flexible and always looking to new ways to uncover insights. Our highly experienced team works tirelessly to make this process as easy as possible for each client. We draw on our background in psychology, marketing, advertising, branding and consumer behaviour to drive our thinking. We place great focus on customer service and building strong, trusted relationships with every client.

Meet our team

  • Sally Joubert

    Sally Joubert


  • Georgia Phillips

    Georgia Phillips


  • Kate Platter

    Kate Platter

    Client Service Director

  • Lucy Andrews

    Lucy Andrews

    Account Director

  • Anna Chwastek

    Anna Chwastek

    Account Manager

  • Michelle Bassili

    Michelle Bassili

    Senior Account Manager

  • James Jackson

    James Jackson

    Data Scientist

  •  Filip Chwastek

    Filip Chwastek

    Account Executive

  • Kate Thompson

    Kate Thompson

    Account Executive