Advertising Insights from Super Bowl Feb 2020

The Kansas City Chiefs won their first Super Bowl in 50 years - but who won the ad bowl? This year over 70+ brands tried to cut-through the clutter. Who was successful? Who actually won the thoughts and feelings of the largest sports game audience in the world.

This year, Luma tested its largest number of Super Bowl ads yet, measuring 45 ads using our add+impact methodology.

Our add+impact methodology has found the most effective ads are those that grab people's attention and drive positive brand feelings. This research is vital for brands who are dedicating almost $5 million of their marketing budget to purchasing a 30 second ad slot, not including the production costs...

Below, we have provided a taste of our research: the most effective in terms of Cut-Through and Bonding from the 2020 game.


Our research has found a strong relation between cut-through and attention results. The three key ingredients to effective attention scores are good humour, music and casting. Great ads have a mixture of at least two of these.

Below is the top five 2020 Super Bowl ads by Attention. Scores are measured out of 10 - with 6.0 being the effectiveness benchmark.

Hyundai's 'Smaht Pahk' and Amzon's '#BeforeAlexa' both nailed humour (7.7 & 7.8) and casting (8.3 & 8.2) scores.


Ad effective ad needs to more than just grab people's attention, it needs to drive positive brand feelings. You need to be in peoples hearts before you can get into people's minds. Our research shows that feelings account for 68% of purchase intent. These positive feelings are built by the relevance of what you say and do.

Here are the top five 2020 Super Bowl ads by Bonding. Scores are measured out of 10 - with 6.0 being the effectiveness benchmark.

Cheetos 'Can't Touch This' & Doritos 'The Cool Range' both were relevant to audiences (7.9 & 7.9). People related to the products and the positive feelings landed well.

Effectiveness Winners

This year's Ad Bowl was more competitive than usual, with fewer ineffective ads than previous years. It featured new trends, such longer ads (as many 60s ads as 30s) political ads, and borrowed interest from well loved movies.

Below are the most and least effective ads from this year. This ranking is made from the Attention and Bonding scores, as well as other key metrics we measure (Message Takeout, Branding etc.)

Get in touch to learn more about our key measures (e.g. Attention, Bonding, Message Takeout, Branding, Commitment, Purchase Intent, etc.)

See our website to see more Super Bowl results!

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