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Understanding Iconic Australian Ads

July 1, 2019


Clients often ask what themes resonate with the Australian audience? What makes these ads so iconic? Why do people love this so much?


Luma has analysed countless Australian ads, both great successes and dramatic failures. We have found the themes that work in the best ads, and seen how they reflect Australia as a nation. 


They make us laugh


Humour is one the most successful standouts. We aussie's don't like to take ourselves too seriously, and we like brands that can have a laugh to.


Here's a look at some of the more iconic Australian humour ads in history. 



Carlton Draught The Big Ad

Launched in 2005, originally an online ad only... this has a laugh at other ads!


MLA You'll Never Lamb Alone

We also have ads that joke about our history...


Libra Invisible Pads

We are not afraid to laugh at ourselves .. for an awkward product

HBA Life's Unpredictable

This ad puts a fun and emotive spin on a potentially boring category

Tell a relatable story

We are engaged by the stories of others, especially if they seem genuine.


Cadbury Favourites Don't Bring a Thing

One of the longest running ads that helped to reposition the brand from being just a gift at Christmas to one that has potential to play a role in people’s lives almost every weekend!




Paul Smarter Smart Choice 
A relatable story – so many options these days!


The People in the Ad are Relatable


We are engaged by the stories of others, especially if they seem genuine.



TNCC Don't Chop the Dinosaur

This 2004 ad was one of the first to show a bonding moment between a father and daughter.



Big M Go out and Party

This 2010 ad shows everyday Aussies just having fun!


The Music is strong and catchy


Music helps get the ad noticed and the jingles & brand names get into our heads...



Decore The Decore Song

Its hard to watch this ad and then get the song (and brand) out of your head.





Qantas Still Call Australia Home

Originally produced to run during the broadcast of the 1998 Commonwealth Games in KL. 



The Key Theme of all these ads is relevance!


Aim for relevance not awareness. 


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