Attention Breakdown and Examples

When we test ads, one of our key measures is 'attention'. Attention scores help us find whether the media has been efficient, what the creative strengths/weakness' are, what the key drivers of cut-through are, whether the ad will wearout, etc. Using our add+impact methodology, we are able to get an accurate breakdown of what viewers are thinking and give the ad a score between 1-10 (6 being our benchmark for an effective ad).

We have eight key metrics that make up the 'attention' score... brands should consider all eight when making a campaign.

An example of the attention score breakdown:

Examples of High Scoring Attention Ads

We find Casting, Humour and Music to make up 95% of ad standout. Here are some Super Bowl ads which scored well in these areas.

NFL 'Get Ready for 100' 2019

Humour: 7.9

Verizon 'First Responders' 2019

Casting: 8.9

NFL 'Giants Dancing' 2018

Music: 8.5

Here is one of the best ads we tested - with a strong score across all attention metrics...

Tourism Australia 'Dundee' 2018

Breakdown of Dundee's Attention Scores:

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