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Attention Breakdown and Examples

June 5, 2019



When we test ads, one of our key measures is 'attention'. Attention scores help us find whether the media has been efficient, what the creative strengths/weakness' are, what the key drivers of cut-through are, whether the ad will wearout, etc. Using our add+impact methodology, we are able to get an accurate breakdown of what viewers are thinking and give the ad a score between 1-10 (6 being our benchmark for an effective ad). 


We have eight key metrics that make up the 'attention' score... brands should consider all eight when making a campaign.



An example of the attention score breakdown: 


Examples of High Scoring Attention Ads


We find Casting, Humour and Music to make up 95% of ad standout. Here are some Super Bowl ads which scored well in these areas.



NFL 'Get Ready for 100' 2019

Humour: 7.9



Verizon 'First Responders' 2019

Casting: 8.9



NFL 'Giants Dancing' 2018

Music: 8.5




Here is one of the best ads we tested - with a strong score across all attention metrics...


Tourism Australia 'Dundee' 2018


Breakdown of Dundee's Attention Scores:

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