Luma Super Bowl Reports 2019

The most watched sports game of the year is almost upon us, and the biggest brands are jostling for the attention of the 100 or so million Super Bowl viewers. As the Rams and the Patriots fight for the 2019 cup, over 50 brands will be competing in a very different, but no less competitive bid for the hearts and minds of the audience.

Every year, Luma analyses and tests a sample of Super Bowl ads using our add+impact methodology. Ads played during the game will be assessed on their Attention, Bonding, Message Takeout and Branding scores. Each ad will receive a full report, covering stats on who was watching the ad, how well a celebrity cameo was received, whether the music resonated with the viewers, etc.

Each year is unique and provides knew learning opportunities for brands. Last year, Luma found that only half the ads tested were effective overall. The ads that hit the creative brief had great storytelling, strong casting, a relevant message, a consistent brand feel and ultimately, left consumers feeling positive about the brand.

See our Tourism Australia report from our 2018 Super Bowl study

A new year features new brands, with Olay, Planters, Expensify and more featuring for the first time. Familiar faces such as Pepsi and Pringles, will be returning to the scene in a bid to maintain consumer font-of-mind.

Below is a sample of the ads we will be analyzing in the coming days. Which ones do you think will score well? See how your favorites go in the 2019 Luma Super Bowl Ad Test!

Get in touch with us via our website for this years reports!


Pringles has released a new amazon-alexia inspired skit, featuring a 'tasteful combination' and an existential electronic assistant. The ad highlights the array of Pringle flavours available, with the depressed alexia-like digital assistant bemoaning that she will never taste these crispy combinations.

PepsiCo - Pepsi

Pepsi have called in Cardi B, Lil Jon and Steve Carell to feature in Pepsi's 2019 Super Bowl ad. The ad features a conversation between a waiter and diner, before Steve Carell launches us onto a burst of song with Lil Jon and Cardi B.

Michelob Ultra - Pure Gold

Jumping on the rising fad of ASMR, Michelob Ultra is putting a creative and intoxicating spin on their Pure Gold Super Bowl ad. Starring American actress & singer Zoe Kravitz, this ad highlights the satisfying presence of Pure Gold beer, and will have you hanging on every word.

Doritos - Want it that way

Doritos has entered a musical number for its 2019 Super Bowl ad. Chance the rapper and the Backstreet boys make a contrasting and unique combination, introducing the new 'Flamin' hot nacho' flavour.

Olay - Killer Skin

The P&G owned Olay will feature its first Super Bowl appearance. The heart stopping horror skit features lead actress of Buffy the Vampire slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar, being stalked by a masked murderer. Olay announced the ad aims to reach out and empower female viewers in what is usually a predominantly male dominated game.

See our website to see the results of the 2019 Super Bowl Ad Testing!

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