Music in Advertising

Music is one of the most effective ways to engage the audience. The presence of music can significantly increase Ad recall and improve brand feelings. At Luma, we believe a good ad can only succeed if the music appeases a majority of viewers (engages audience while fitting the mood of the ad), and is one of our key benchmarks for measuring success. This is essential for leaving a lasting impact on the audience. Here are some ads we felt rocked this category.

NFL - "Dancing Giants"

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This quirky ad creates a fun and unique approach to getting peoples attention. Dancing and footy might not seem to have much in common, but the iconic tune brings all sorts together. The song, accompanied by some great moves, differentiates the ad from competitors, leaving a lasting impact on the audience. This uplifting ad makes for a great watch and is one for the memory bank.

Extra Gum - "The Story of Sarah & Juan"

Haley Reinhart's 'Can't Help Falling in Love' gave extra gum and whole new meaning. This beautiful journey plays on all the audience's heartstrings. Who knew it was possible to be emotionally invested in gum? It goes to say this ad uses music to connect with the audience in an extremely effective way. Careful you may tear up!

Apple - "Welcome Home"

This ad by Apple makes you want to get up on your feet and boogie your heart out. The grey and painful start to the ad is a relatable experience we all want to escape from. The colourful flourish accompanied by Anderson .Paak's new song creates an ad you won't want to stop watching. Apple perfectly captures escapism through its audio and visual effects - grabbing your attention along the way.

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