Message Impact

Advertising these days is full of stigma and often treated with skepticism. However, Luma has found these ads to have a meaningful message that has more impact than any sales discount ever could. Take a minute to watch and reflect on these inspiring ads, they will leave you with that fuzzy feeling and smile on your face.

Audi - "Let's change the game"

This Spanish advert by Audi brings a fun and inspiring story to the table, proving an effective means to tackling gender stereotypes in the children's toy industry. A timely topic that explores the increasing transition away from gender stereotypes.

Heineken - "World Apart" an experiment

This ad takes an entirely new direction from traditional beer ads. Instead of exploring mateship and humour, this ad brings together new perspectives and a topical manner. Heineken has created an innovative ad which is extremely timely and positions itself as a means to settle down and discuss one's differences and ideals of life. Any viewer will be left pondering over their journey through the ad.

Mass Mutual - "Stand by you"

See our Case Study Here

Mass Mutual has found some of the stories that make us proud of humanity. The insurance company has found the perfect message to connect with consumers. This successful ad demonstrates the potential for brands to engage effectively through an emotive story rather than an informative advert. This advert leaves more than just a lasting impression, but some real food for thought.

If you liked these ads, make sure you checkout our last post "we all need a friend" for more like these.

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