Here’s to dad: Father’s Day ads from around the world!

Dad might be the energetic outgoing type, the comic who always has a few dad’s jokes up his sleeve or the silent type with a twinkle in his eye. Or perhaps a combination of all three and then some!

Father’s Day is here again, a great reminder to give thanks to the dad’s or the father figures out there who give their unconditional love and support.

Many brands also take the time to advertise in the lead up to and during dad’s special day.

Here are just some of the brands that advertised for Father’s Day 2017...

‘Helping Hand’ Interflora (Denmark)

‘Little can be huge’ Spark (NZ)

‘Watching’ Buffalo Wild Wings (USA)

‘Here's to the stars’ Uber (India)

‘For Dad's that do’ M&S (UK)

‘Cat's in the Cradle’ TD Ameritrade (USA)

‘Powers’ Kwentong Jollibee (Phillipines)

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