Skoda uses co-inventor of Wi-Fi in its latest brand campaign

Skoda’s new positioning line is ‘You don’t have to be famous to be brilliant’. Featuring Dr John O’Sullivan, Co-inventor of Wi-Fi, the brand campaign includes a 60 second and a 30 second commercial. The ads stand out with their classy, grayscale look and clever incorporation of elements from the car, including Skoda branding. They extend Skoda’s tagline ‘Simply Clever’ in to a new territory, while giving us a feel of the car along with insight in to the mind of an inspiring person.

In the 60s version, Dr. O’Sullivan talks about the process of creating Wi-Fi, as a ‘sequence of little eureka moments’ and how the scientists called it 802.11a, while the marketing team decided on the name ‘Wi-Fi’, because the former was “never going to sell”. He talks about the importance of original thinking and the strange feeling of walking in to a hotel on the other side of the world that has wi-fi!

Watch the 60s ad:

The 30s commercial shows him driving along, talking about fame being fickle. Inventors of important technology like traffic lights and mobile phones aren’t well known. There’s a classic moment when he turns towards the camera and says, “What about Wi-fi?”; which is when we find out who he is.

Watch the 30s ad:

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