Traffic Education Campaign - the Brazilian Way

A mandatory one hour Government news program. A Brazilian radio station. An app and speeding drivers.

Since 1935, every Brazilian radio station interrupts their music playlist or programming to broadcast a mandatory one hour government news program at 7pm. To circumvent this, Radio SulAmérica Paradiso FM created an app that allows their listeners to bypass the mandatory broadcast and instead continue listening to the regular broadcast via the app.

A recent initiative however, has seen the station use the features of the app in a unique way - to try and discourage speeding drivers.

In partnership with Brazilian ad agency 3yz, GPS tracking was embedded within the radio stations recent app update. The app would monitor the drivers speed. If a driver went over the designated speed limit between 7-8pm, they would receive an immediate punishment – their regular radio programming would be interrupted and revert back to the government news program for one minute, then it would resume.

The result? In addition to trending within the media, 2,000 ‘sound penalties’ were issued within the first month of the campaign, but according to the station, importantly, no driver received a penalty twice.

A very interesting and unorthodox approach to tackle speedsters!

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