Honda’s social DT campaign aims to combat millennial texters #blessed

First there was the designated driver, now comes the designated texter (DT).

Honda’s quirky new campaign aims to educate younger drivers about distracted driving and convince them to adopt safer driving habits by appointing a designated texter – the passenger who will take care of the driver’s social media responsibilities.

According to research cited by Honda, millennial drivers have high rates of texting and checking social media sites while driving. In the US, one in every four accidents is caused by texting while driving – 1.6 million crashes per year [National Safety Council].

Released on social media including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, the parody rap video features Honda vehicles, two rappers decked out in street gear and some creative lyrics including ‘A good DT is hard to find, you’re gonna want one like mine, a conversation goldmine’.

Two thumbs up to Honda for contributing to driver education on the issue and doing something a little different to try and reach their millennial audience.

#we’llsee if millennials find the effort cool…or cringeworthy!

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