Brands that were having a little fun on April Fool’s Day!

Cheetos offered consumers a way to look like the snack they love and ‘exhude the essence of cheddar’ with Cheetos Spray Tan

Left lane hoggers beware, Lexus was keen to solve a major commuter gripe with their new technology

For those who want to savour the taste of their Whopper, Burger King France created the perfect solution -The Whopper toothpaste

…not to be outdone, Burger King South Africa ensured the smell would linger a little longer with their fragrance Eau De Whopper

Virgin Australia created a world first with their cute Canine flight assistants

Google evolved their Google Home concept to the great outdoors with Google Gnome…

Ice-cream purists everywhere had a heart attack with Cold Rock’s new flavour…tomato sauce

Meanwhile bacon lovers rejoiced as Primo extended their range to household items with bacon cling wrap

And Honda harnessed the power of emoji’s to let people beep like you mean it

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