We think you’ll like chips with that: KFC China uses facial recognition technology to suggest food i

You’ve made the decision to have that quick meal, but how many times have you walked into a fast food restaurant and stood there trying to figure out exactly which menu items you should order?

KFC China is aiming to combat consumer indecision (and potentially expand the menu selections of their customers) with facial-recognition technology.

Teaming up with search engine Baidu, the facial recognition software kiosk scans the customer, determines their approximate gender, age and facial expression and then recommends a specific meal option – perhaps a crispy chicken hamburger meal or roast chicken wings and coke? Customers can accept the choice or keep browsing.

The ‘smart’ technology is currently being trialed at the Beijing branch but there are plans to roll out the software to KFC’s other 5,000 stores around China.

Time will tell how perceptive and useful the facial recognition software will be. For the moment though it is definitely doing one thing for the fast food chain – generating headlines and buzz!

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