Finnish Anti-domestic violence ads activated by emergency calls

With the aim of combating potential desensitization from passersby, creative agency TBWA developed reactive ads for an outdoor anti-violence campaign.

The campaign featured outdoor posters that made use of unique tracking addresses on each poster. When a call was made to 112 (Finland’s 911/000 equivalent), a system picked the 15 closest posters to the crime scene with the ad then appearing on those posters for the next 48 hours.

The creative emphasised that domestic violence was close to home. A mundane kitchen scene which appeared normal in the daylight but showed the dark scenes of domestic violence during the night was the key visual. The copy, was forceful and informative “There have been domestic violence calls from this area within the past 48 hours. If you experience, witness or suspect domestic violence, call 112. You cannot wipe off violence.”

A clever and powerful idea!

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