Snobby ‘owner’ promotes OneHope Wines

OneHope wines want to let potential consumers know that their wines are affordable, great tasting and that they like to give back – a portion of the sales from OneHope wines are donated to charitable causes.

Agency Erich & Kallman got a little creative with the big idea. Fictional vineyard owner and wine maker Charles Faircloth is well…a twat. At first his over the top attempts to seem ‘relatable’ brought a slight smile to our faces - a dinosaur egg as a doorstop, a horse undergoing lasik, buying a blimp just to see what would happen once it floated away…

His obnoxious and condescending manner is meant to be a direct contrast with OneHope’s philosophy, especially when Charles goes in for the pitch. By that time though, we were a little over Charles and his air of superiority and so weren’t feeling that much love for OneHope.

This one has divided viewers with some loving the execution while others are labeling it racist.

Take a look at the ad spot here >…

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