The Ringing Red Phone: Bulgarian Style!

Mall Plovdiv, a shopping centre in Bulgaria, wanted to give their shoppers a bit of surprise promotion. Their tactic? A ringing red phone.

Enlisting the help of Sofia based advertising agency ‘The Smarts’, the ambient installation involved a ringing phone that gave the call recipient a 15-minute time frame to choose the goods of their choice (budget restrictions applied!). The reward? The chosen goods were paid for by the shopping centre so the shoppers received them free.

Shoppers were slow to answer the ringing phone – we’ve all watched that one film where the ringing phone is a bad omen of worse things to come (Phone Booth 2002 anyone?). Once word spread though, there was an increase in takers…with some even waiting around for the phone to ring.

Take a look at the ad by clicking on this link or the video below (we hope your Bulgarian is up to speed!): >

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