Luma's 25th Anniversary

This week marks our 25th anniversary celebrations!

We opened our first Melbourne office in September 1991 and became Australia’s first advertising research agency. Preparing for our 25th milestone, we now have two offices in Australia and partners testing ads in over 50 countries worldwide.

We know that advertising and marketing have changed so much over the 25 years. We can do everything so much faster and better with the incredible advances in technology. This was only something we dreamt of in 1991.

Our journey started as ADS in a tiny office in St Kilda Road, Melbourne, the then advertising agency epi-centre. Pre-digital world, the office relied heavily on couriers and the fax machine before we progressed to using modems to transmit data.

Despite all the changes in the market there are two really important aspects that have remained integral to Luma – wonderful clients and a great friendly team. We set out to provide clients with insights to help them create great ads to build their brands. When we started we had a handful of clients who supported us as the ‘new kids on the block’. They were amazing. And this hasn’t changed – we still feel so lucky to work with such wonderful and smart people who are still prepared to try new things.

We’re excited to see what the future will bring for Luma.

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