Happy International Women’s Day!

In celebration of International Women’s Day, many brands are showing the strengths of women, while also taking a stand on issues of gender inequality around the world. With many big brands like ANZ, NAB, Microsoft and Google (among others) embracing this idea of ‘fempowerment’, we’ve decided to share some of our favourites.

ANZ highlights the gender pay gap in Australia, by asking kids to do some chores - a funny way of highlighting an issue that still exists in most parts of the world, even Australia.

Microsoft demonstrates the scientific and engineering achievements of women throughout history - while also showing just how little we know about the women behind some of the world's most useful inventions.

Laundry detergent brand, Ariel also have a very important message about equality. The ad depicts a busy mum running around the house, doing work on a laptop while also multitasking with laundry, cooking dinner and getting the kids ready for a bath.

The ad demonstrates that in many families women still do the majority of household chores and encourages viewers to change this and #sharetheload.

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