Extra's Beautiful love story

Two years ago Extra Gum released an ad called ‘Birds (Origami)’. It signaled a shift in their advertising - a move away from marketing gum based solely on the functional product benefits (sugar-free/ maintains oral care/ gets rid of plaque build-up after a meal) and a creative departure from the wry humour that defined their ads with celebrity Antonio Banderas.

‘Origami’ was all about the story of a father and a daughter and the moments that defined their relationship. Now Extra have followed up with another ad that focuses on emotional storytelling. This time it's a love story that tugs at the heart strings and is brought to life with some great casting and a haunting re-work of a classic Elvis tune.

Both ads subtly weave in the chewing gum wrappers and gum throughout, ensuring that Extra is present and pivotal but not in a way that detracts from the emotional impact of the story.

Watch the ‘The Story of Sarah & Juan’ here or click on the screen below >

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