A 'different Paris' through the eyes of an Airbnb experience

Imagine if everyone’s Parisian memories were re-created like this!

Airbnb’s latest ad features a modern zoetrope. Originally a pre-film animation device that uses images to create the illusion of motion, the brand’s 3D handmade zoetrope took over 2,000 hours to assemble and contains over 1,000 3D figures. The model depicts scenes of special Parisian moments including a flea market, a carousel, a jazz club and a café, which were animated together in the latest whimsical film for the online community home rental platform.

Created specifically for Airbnb's Asian markets, the 60 second film will be shown across premium video, mobile and social channels.

Watch the 60 second film here >

Watch the behind the scenes video here >

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