Cannes Lions 2015: Luma’s Best of…

The 68th Annual Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity is nearly over for another year. Here are three winning creative ideas that span media, mobile innovation and product design to translate creativity into results...

1. Under Armour 'I Will What I Want' campaign


What? Cyber Lion Grand Prix for the web experience featuring Gisele Bundchen (In addition to two gold Lions and four silvers).

Why? American sportswear, casual apparel and accessories company Under Armour sponsors various sporting teams and a number of individual male and female athletes. Misty Copeland (ballerina) and Lindsay Vonn (champion skier) were just some of the female athletes that featured in ads for the company’s ‘I will what I want’ campaign. As professional sportspeople, their ‘will’ and subsequent fit for the campaign did not come under scrutiny.

Under Armour looked to do something drastic that would get people talking about the campaign on a whole new level. Gisele Bundchen, the highest paid model in the world, wife, mother, UN ambassador and highly polarising individual became a new ambassador.

As expected, the announcement got people talking and judging. Under Armour along with creatives Droga5, used the social commentary to their advantage. A TV ad was developed that featured Bundchen kick boxing with positive and negative comments projected onto the training room walls behind her. The campaign was then translated onto the web. A custom built site,, scoured live social commentary on the web and consolidated the comments of Bundchen haters and supporters all in the one space, displaying real-time comments as they were happening and as Bundchen continued to train - perfectly emphasising the ‘will beats noise’ mantra.

Campaign Results? 1.5 billion media impressions, $15 million dollars in earned media, average 4 minutes spent on the site, traffic increase of 42% to, sales up 28%.

Click here to watch the full video >

2. Vodafone and Y&R Istanbul's 'Red Light App'


What? Grand Prix winning media campaign.

Why? 1 in 3 women in Turkey are victims of domestic abuse, but outwardly seeking help is not seen as an appropriate option.

Seeing technology as a platform that could help, Vodafone created a red light app disguised as a regular flashlight phone application. If a woman felt she was in trouble, she could shake the phone, with the app secretly and automatically sending three nominated friends a ‘help’ message along with the user’s location.

Maintaining the secrecy of the app in the intial stages was vital. Promotional messages were hidden in products and media content specifically directed at women and where men were unlikely to look such as lingerie tags, wax strips and at the end of online cosmetic tutorials.Vodafone informed their female customers of the app through automated voice messages, ensuring that if a man answered the phone they heard a generic sales message instead.

Campaign Results? 254,000 Turkish women downloaded the app or 24% of all women in Turkey with smartphones. The app has been activated over 100,000 times.

Click here to watch the full video >

3. Cambodia's 'Lucky Ironfish' project'


What? Grand Prix in Product design.

Why? With a diet consisting mainly of meat and fish, over half the Cambodian population is severely anemic because their diet doesn’t contain enough iron. Iron deficiency is an issue as it leads to many health problems and pregnancy complications. Iron pills are available but too expensive, whereas cooking food with a piece of iron for just 10 minutes could provide a family with up to 75% of their daily iron intake. The problem? When a piece of iron was distributed, people were using it for everything but their cooking. A design change was the answer. The iron piece was redesigned in the shape of a fish – a cultural symbol of hope and good luck.

Results? Uptake increased following the re-design. After 9 months of medical trials and testing, a 50% drop in iron deficiency was recorded. The global solution is sustainable and creates jobs as the fish are made from recycled materials and hand packaged by locals.

Click here to watch the full video >

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