The next big thing in marketing & advertising? Eye-tracking headset


We are always on the lookout for new technologies that could have ground breaking effects on the marketing and advertising industries and get excited when we find one that surpasses its kickstarter goal in just 3 days.

FOVE is a virtual reality headset with a difference - it utilises eye-tracking technology. Named after the fovea, the part of the eye responsible for central vision, the digital headset can be utilised with a wide range of devices including PC’s and smartphones.

With backing from Toshiba and Samsung, the headset is scheduled for delivery in 2016 and has applications in gaming with research also being conducted into its use as an aid for people who have motor neuron disease, Asperger’s or autism.

Existing virtual headsets have already been harnessed by brands including Lexus, Tesco, Topshop and Marriott Hotels to provide consumers with more immersive experiences. With in-built eye tracking, the FOVE could further enhance these experiences by directly tracking the consumer’s eye movement and could provide more flexibility particularly when conducting research into ad testing and in-store shopper research.

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