Coca Cola’s ‘Friendship fist pump’ campaign

Coke’s marketing has been centred on ‘shared moments’ spurring a number of creative campaigns that aim to connect Coke to consumers and inspire shared moments of happiness in the online and offline realms.

In 2011, Coke came out with the wildly successfully ‘Share a Coke’ campaign that featured over 150 of the most popular names and monikers on Coke bottles and cans – it touched consumers at a grass-roots level. This year’s 2015 Superbowl spot #MakeItHappy had an online focus and encouraged internet users to spread happiness rather than hate.

Coke’s new Latin American ‘fist pump’ campaign, created by agency Pereira & O'Dell references all the previous themes. Shared moments, friendship and spreading happiness rather than hate – but is aimed specifically at teens. Based on the insight that a ‘true friend’ is the most valuable commodity, the new multi-media campaign includes web films, mobile, print, TV, radio, social media, packaging and out-of-home media and looks at teens and the realities of friendship.

The message of the campaign is to get teens to step up and support their friends during the important and often difficult moments encountered during teenage years. The campaign’s immediate identifier’s are a hashtag #verdaderoamigo (true friend) and a fist pump visual, the latter a reworking of the white coke ribbon on the coke bottle and elaborated upon in other outdoor media.

Music is always an integral element of any campaign, and this one features one of the most popular current teen bands, One Direction, with ‘Clouds’ the chosen song.

Take a look at one of the web films, the 7 minute ‘El Rumor’. Viewed nearly a million times, the video references a potentially real teen situation, although the product placement at the end does feel a bit contrived.

Watch 'El Rumour' here >

We’re interested to see the impact of the new campaign in the upcoming months and whether as with the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, the creative spreads to Coke’s other markets.

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