Interactive bus ads promote new VW technology in Brazil

Volkswagen’s Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) relies on sensors to detect the distance and speed of the preceding vehicle and keep the drivers car safe from the vehicle in front by maintaining an appropriate following distance.

To demonstrate how the technology works to non VW drivers in Brazil, agency Almap / BBDO installed digital panels on the back of buses that simulated the ACC technology by showing drivers travelling directly behind the bus, the distance between themselves and the vehicle.

VW wanted to capture the attention of drivers in the moment with the aim of both promoting the technology and at the same time getting drivers to slow down.

While we are all for promoting any technology that helps to create safer drivers, with so many driver distractions already on the road, we wouldn’t like to think that this outdoor digital ad is one to add to the mix.

Take a look at the ad below or click on this link to view the ad >

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