Contagious! Motion sensor ads elicit yawns


Did looking at this outdoor ad make you yawn?

If so, then you’re part of the sixty to seventy percent of people who will spontaneously yawn if they see other’s yawning (in reality, in a photo, in footage) or even if they read about yawning.

The contagious nature of this involuntary effect was exactly what Brazilian ad agency Lew 'Lara\TBWA hoped for, as morning rush hour commuters at Brazil’s Fradique Coutinho train station were confronted with a digital panel of what appeared to be a static image of a male or female face. However upon approach, the motion sensor came into play and the image came alive to elicit a large yawn - with many commuters then quickly following suit.

Cue new digital ads and girls giving out free samples of the perfect product for this natural ailment – coffee from Café Pele.

This is not the first time that brands have based their ads on this universal reflex. Dipping into the archives, Diet Pepsi Max did it in a 20 second ad spot in 2012, while DDB New Zealand installed animated bus stop billboards featuring a man yawning to promote the existence of 24 hour opening hours available at McDonald’s. View the billboards here.

We're sure it won't be the last time we see yawn-ver-tising making an appearence!

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