Ice Men & Companionship: Raising awareness of Organ Donation

Organ donation is a sensitive subject for most and so raising awareness is no easy task.

The Beneficência Portuguesa Hospital in São Paulo, Brazil, a hospital renowned in the area for performing organ transplants and the Fundacion Argentina De Transplante Hepatico (Liver transplant Foundation Argentina) have created advertising campaigns aimed at raising awareness around the importance of organ donation, but in very different ways.



The Beneficência Portuguesa Hospital staged a guerrilla intervention on the three busiest streets in São Paulo. Life-sized ice sculptures with red acrylic organs were placed in the populated urban areas. An intended analogy of the human body, as the ice figures melted, the organs were rendered visible and each featured the message ‘Life goes on. Be an organ donor’.With a lack of donation primarily due to family consent, the hospital wanted to prompt families to have an open discussion around the possibility of organ donation.

Watch the 'ice men' campaign here >

DDB Argentina have created a touching ad for the Liver Transplant Foundation Argentina. Entitled ‘Man and Dog’ the ad features a man and his best friend in a beautiful ad that aims to show how the act of organ donation extends and saves another person’s life.

Watch the poignant 'Man and Dog' ad here >

Which idea affected you the most? Which made you think about organ donation?

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