2015 Mother’s Day ads from around the world

Mother’s Day, a day when we celebrate mums, mother figures and motherhood, is just a few days away.

To pay tribute to the selfless women in our lives, we thought we would take a look at the latest Mother’s Day ads from around the world that acknowledge the uniqueness, beauty and strength of the special women that we know.


Here are our 5 picks….

Each mum is unique, and so is the bond that is shared between a mum and her children. Pandora’s new ad is filled with smiles, tears and hugs as children aged 3-9 are blindfolded and then asked to choose the woman they believe to be their mum – but they are only allowed to use their senses.

View the Pandora 'The Unique Connection' ad here >

Huggies suggest that the very first meeting between a parent and their new baby isn’t at the time of birth, but when the child is still in the womb and their tiny features are just visible on the ultrasound monitor. The brand takes a back step here as we are introduced to Tatiana, a mother who gets to meet her son Murilo for the first time with the help of 3D printing technology. Watch with tissues handy!

View the Huggies Presents 'Meeting Murilo' ad here >

Dove has become a recent champion of challenging and redefining ingrained perceptions of what it means to be beautiful or to have a beautiful body. Motherhood often brings about its own set of external changes. Dove’s advert asks us to appreciate how beautiful our mother’s bodies are and to tell them directly with the hashtag #beauty is

View the Dove 'Mother's Day Body Commercial' ad here >

Storyteller, teacher, role model and coach, the many faces of a mum. This 60 second creative spot features actress and author Mariel Hemingway and her daughter Langley Fox, as they talk about the distinct qualities that have developed in each of them. In addition to the double meaning related to the ad’s title #Myfirst coach, mentions of a Coach bag are also cleverly thrown into the short film.

View the Coach '#MyFirstCoach featuring Mariel and Langley Fox Hemingway' ad here >

Hallmark’s series of ads emphasise not the things that we say, but the things that we don’t. Sons and daughters were asked to speak about their mums and describe what they love about them, not knowing that each of their mums were sitting in a back room listening. Hallmark’s message? Tell your mum how you feel (and you can do it through a card too!)

View the Hallmark 'Amy,Peggy and Lisa' ad here >

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mums out there, we hope you feel special! Xo

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