DNA testing creates litterbug profiles in Hong Kong


Fines, media coverage of clean up days and now…DNA testing.

Littering is a major problem in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Clean Up initiative is doing their part to get people motivated to get involved and help clean the streets of Hong Kong.

But those doing the littering are a key problem. To discourage litterers and coinciding with Global Earth Day, Oglivy & Mather Hong Kong created a campaign called ‘The Face of Litter’ which displays sample portraits of litterbug suspects on outdoor posters across Hong Kong and online.

The portraits were created with the help of DNA technology. DNA testing was carried out on a few pieces of litter and along with the type of litter and its location, an approximate visual portrait of the litterer was created.

A basic public knowledge of DNA testing has become mainstream helped by the numerous crime and forensic shows on TV - using the science to create litterbug profiles though is definitely something new and unique. We like that the profiles are just reproductions rather than anything more though, as that would cross a 'name' and 'shame' line and take the concept beyond just being about raising awareness.

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