Twitch viewers control real life ‘Nature Man’ for Old Spice Stunt


Usually the live social video platform for gamers who want to watch other gamers play in real-time, from April 16-18th viewers could tune into Twitch to view the adventures of ‘nature man’ – a man who had been left in woods and was contractually obligated to do everything that viewers directed via the sites chat function.

“Eat strange berries”, “Give the antelope a massage”, Old Spice put forth a few of their own ideas on the types of adventures that nature man could have. When we tuned in mid-adventure (17th April Melbourne time), there wasn’t a whole lot going on…nature man was in deep sleep dreaming of playing catch with his son/nephew/little brother (?)

Not in the right time zone to witness nature man’s adventures, Old Spices’ use of one of the biggest online gaming platforms is their attempt to advertise their new range of Adventure scents and build brand loyalty amongst their gamer target market though an ‘authentic’ medium.

Will Old Spice have the viral online marketing hit that they are hoping for? The post-campaign numbers will tell the whole story and we’ll stay tuned…

Take a look at the Old Spice Nature Man promo here >

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