DM: Business cards that inspire

Advertising on TV, outdoors or an ambient campaign are great tools for spreading the word and getting mass appeal, but they may not always be right for the product or target audience…or sometimes they just may need to be supplemented with something that’s a bit more personal - like an inspiring business card.

WildFire, an event management company that ‘brings events to life’ came to Cossette Branding with a creative brief to ‘spark conversation’. Cossette did just that with a business card that sparks. Literally.

The red 'W' letter in the business card is rough enough to strike a match and create a small flame for a short amount of time, creating a brief metaphorical representation of the spark that’s created when an event is made live.

WildFire's business card left us searching for other examples of brilliant cards that inspire with their creativity.The ones below for a rock and roll hair salon, bike store and cargo company are just a few other examples of cards that go beyond the standard and make an effort to stand out.

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