Volvo’s LifePaint helps cyclists’ night time visibility

Cyclists and cars will always be sharing the road in some capacity, so any innovation that can help to avoid cyclist injuries and fatalities is a welcome step forward.

In the UK, over 19,000 cyclists are involved in accidents every year. Night time riding is of particular concern as cyclists are less visible to motorists. LifePaint is a reflective washable material that can be applied to cyclists clothing, helmets, shoes, backpacks and bikes. The unique spray is invisible in the daylight but glows when exposed to the glare of a cars headlights.

Developed by Swedish car maker Volvo, together with Grey London UK and Albedo100, the water-based reflective spray is currently available in 6 cycling stores across the UK, but if proven to be a success for both cyclists and drivers, Volvo may make extend the safety spray’s availability to a global capacity.

A commendable effort for Volvo for looking at the wider issues that are facing road users and utilising its own resources to develop potential solutions.

View the video here >

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