ESPN’s UEFA themed eye-test

According to the World Health Organisation, 80% of vision disorders can be prevented or cured if diagnosed in advance, but 57% of men don’t believe that they have eye problems and therefore don’t check their eyes often enough.

ESPN wanted to help men find out if they have problems with their eyes, but do it in a way that would encourage these men to take the exam. Their solution? Create a test that men (or at least UEFA Champions league fanatics!) would find appealing, turning a routine eye test from a boring experience to a more enjoyable one.

ESPN set up a travelling bus that was specifically fitted out with the ophthalmological equipment required to enable mobile eye tests to take place. The twist on the traditional was in the tests themselves - with each eye test specifically related to the UEFA Champions league. Were those the colours of Arsenal or Borussia Dortmund? Was the player Neymar, Messi or Ronaldo?

A clever promotional stunt that manages to help men and their eyesight in the process.

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