Domestic abuse billboards rely on the healing eye


This year’s powerful Superbowl ad for reinforced the importance of being ready to listen and offer help to those who have been victims of domestic violence or sexual assault.

In the UK, Women’s Aid is helping to further raise awareness of the problem of domestic abuse through its ‘Look at Me’ ad - an outdoor interactive ad that combines powerful images with facial recognition technology. The facial recognition camera with pre-set timer scans passersby. When a person looks at the ad, which depicts a woman with facial injuries, for long enough to give the ad the attention that it deserves, the ad shows the injuries healing.

After a certain amount of time the ad resets again to the images depicting the domestic abuse - waiting for another person to give the ad their attention. The outdoor ad aims to communicate that only by noticing and acknowledging the problem of domestic abuse can we begin to solve it.

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