Porsche’s Micro-blogging War


Two micro-blogging giants, Twitter and Weibo were pitted against each other in a USA vs China battle designed to generate hype around Porsche’s return to one of the most prestigious car races in the world - the 24 hour Le Mans endurance race.

With the hashtag #24 social race, Porsche tapped into 255 million monthly Twitter users in the USA and 144 million monthly Weibo users in China, to create a pool of 400 million potential ‘drivers’ in the first ever 24 hour social race between the two platforms.

The 20,000 teams had one rule when it came to sending out live tweets about the event, ‘the faster you tweet, the faster you go’.

Results? 70,000 tweets were generated across both platforms in the 24 hour time frame, 750,000 visited the event site and 250 world-wide press articles were produced.

The winner? Although China generated 80% of all tweets for the event, the winning team was from the USA, producing nearly 3,000 tweets in 24 hours!

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