Red Cross: CANpaign

With two recently opened health facilities offering anonymous aid to undocumented migrants, the Danish Red Cross needed a unique way to communicate with people in a section of society who don’t know the local language, don’t follow main stream media and do their best to avoid authority and main stream medical facilities for fear of getting deported.

Danish creative digital agency Konstellation had the challenge of finding a method of communicating the message of medical support to an audience who do their best to remain invisible. Their answer? Cans. With many migrants making a modest living through the collection of cans for recycling, Red Cross stickers in the most common migrant languages were placed next to the universal recycling logo. The stickers explained the existence of the free and anonymous medical clinics and provided an SMS number that could be texted for additional information.

A clever and cost-effective way of reaching a hard-to-reach audience.

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