Domino’s UK launches ‘Tummy translator’ app

You know that feeling….your stomach is grumbling, the hunger pangs have hit, you’ve made the choice - its pizza tonight, but your specific order has you stumped.

Domino’s UK are helping to combat pizza indecisiveness through their newly launched tummy translator app which aims to bypass rational decision making and let the consumers stomach decide. Created to capitalise on and engage the consumer base who prefer to order online by adding a fun and tongue in cheek experience around the brand, the app requires users to select their level of hunger and any gluten free or vegetarian preferences before letting the gut deciphering begin by pressing their smartphone to their stomach. Once the app has done its job a suggested order is created and a coupon and link to the Domino’s ordering site is generated.

With competition from other pizza chains and owner operated local shop fronts, and following the success of the Australian ‘Pizza Mogul’ campaign, Domino’s appear to be constantly thinking of ways to reach out and interact with their consumer base, value adding beyond the traditional pizza ordering process.

Take a look at the 'science' behind the app here>

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