Hershey's Personalised 3D chocolates

3D printing has been labelled game changing technology so perhaps it was only a matter of time before it was harnessed by the confectionary sector.

The largest chocolate manufacturer in North America, Hershey’s, has teamed with 3D systems, a global provider of 3D printers and integrated print materials to create 3D chocolates in either pre-programmed or personalised designs. Called CocoJet the printer represents Hershey’s foray into DIY chocolate making with Will Papa, Chief Research and Development Officer of The Hershey Company stating that 3D printing “gives consumers nearly endless possibilities for personalising their chocolate, and we look forward to continued development of this amazing technology.”

Although by no means the first chocolate printer, Hershey’s efforts represent the company’s bid to stake a claim in what it sees as the next big thing in creating DIY chocolates.

What implications will this have on the regular supermarket chocolate shopper and their expectations? Shoppers must already make a multitude of decisions during their purchase – mass or boutique brand, typical fruit and nut or exotic flavour combination?

Will the next decision be personalised design? We''ll just have to wait and see...

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