2015 Valentine's Day Ads from around the world

The official day of love is just around the corner, so we thought we would celebrate by bringing you some Valentine's Day ads from around the world. Cartier set the scene with this beautiful 6 minute video following three couples in Paris. Their stories are momentarily intertwined, then we get taken on a journey of love with each of the couples. Beautifully shot, the storyline is simple yet has a lot of impact. Cartier manage very obvious, but effective product placement. Coming back to reality...this is never how is happens, but we can dream! View the ad here >

Expedia were a little cheeky with their 'Get a Room' campaign trying to limit PDA (Public displays of Affection) this Valentine's Day. A simple yet effective execution.

View the Expedia 'Get a room' ad here >

Couples are forced to make many decisions when they visit IKEA. And we know it’s not always that easy to get along. So this Valentine’s Day IKEA introduce us to three couples who’ve been together ever since the opening of the first IKEA store in 1958. They obviously know what it takes to stay in love.

View the IKEA ad here >

Ok, this is not specifically a Valentine's Day ad, but it is a cute ad that gives us insight into the friendships (or love) between animals!

View the ad here >

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