Top Super Bowl 2015 ads: As Voted By Viewers

In a nail biting finish, The New England Patriots had just won the 2015 Super Bowl. Within minutes, Luma had launched a mobile survey to viewers around the US to gauge first responses to the advertising, and within 2 hours the results were in. These were the ads and brands that resonated with viewers: 1. Budweiser ‘Lost Dog’ 2. P&G Always ‘Like a Girl’ 3. Doritos ‘Middle Seat’ and ‘If Pigs Fly’ 4. Fiat ‘Blue Pill’ 5. Coca Cola ‘’Share the Happiness – Internet’ Overall, sentimental ads prompted a big response, and those ads with a poignant storyline also did well. It was hit and miss for the celebrity ads (there were no celebrities in this top 5), and there was mixed feelings from viewers towards the entertaining extravaganzas and comedy spots.

Budweiser was back with another successful ad featuring the friendship between a Clydesdale and Puppy. Emotions were running high for viewers as they were taken on a 60 second journey with this adorable puppy. Despite this concept not being new for the brand, the emotional hook in this storyline gets the attention of viewers year after year. Judging by the reaction on social media, Budweiser’s puppy won the world’s heart. Also hugely popular with the Super Bowl audience this year was the P&G Always ‘Like a girl’ campaign. It was an important social message, with simple, yet beautiful creative execution that resonated with viewers. P&G nailed it with this inspiring ad. Doritos & Fiat relied on humour to keep viewers interested, and Coca Cola attempted to spread a happiness message with its Super Bowl commercial. With some surprising results already coming to light, we’re excited about what the next stage of research will uncover. The in-depth findings into 30 of the Super Bowl 2015 ads will be available soon!

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