Most Memorable Super Bowl 2015 Ad?

The Super Bowl is over for another year, and although the game this year had everyone on the edge of their seats, it was the ads that we were really tuning in for.

With advertisers paying a whopping $4.5 million per 30 seconds this year (up from $4 million last year), we were hoping the creative geniuses had been hard at work!

There were the usual inspirational ads, spectacular montages, warm and fuzzy ads focusing on dads, and of course, an abundance of celebrities and baby animals. But there was a sense that there were too many serious ads with a somber tone and not enough humour across the board. Where were the ads that had us laughing out loud and wanting to watch over and over again?

Early indications from the first stage of our research - which was carried out via mobile phone immediately after the game - suggest that of the 80 or so ads that aired during the broadcast, the Budweiser ‘Lost Dog’ ad was most memorable. We can also see that surprisingly, many of the top 10 most memorable ads didn’t feature celebrities this year.

But we need to dig deeper so that we can understand what made these ads memorable, and whether it actually strengthened the brands in any way. With the second stage of Luma’s research now well underway, stay tuned to see what uncover!

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