The next wave of social retailing?

Australian pizza chain Domino’s created an interactive pizza campaign called ‘Pizza Mogul’ in July this year, and they have been stunned by its popularity announcing that they will be continuing it for the foreseeable future. Communications Manager Tracy Stephenson has said the campaign, which allows customers to design their own pizza and earn profits from its sales, has ‘surpassed all expectations’.

Pizza creators, also known as ‘Moguls’ create and order their own pizza and within minutes it is added to the Domino’s menu. Once shared online, the Moguls earn cash from every one of their sold pizzas in the form of ‘Mogul Dough’ which can be exchanged for Australian Dollars.Sales are pretty competitive and with one Mogul, #pizza_master earning more than $30,000, the stakes are pretty high which has led to some creative pizza promotions. So far there have been YouTube ads, jingles, marketing campaigns and many other promotional tactics though Facebook and Twitter.

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