Bonds campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness

Remember when you were in school and you would type 80085 in to the calculator and be in hysterical giggles because it would spell ‘boobs’ or if you were really clever you would type 5318008 and flip it upside down and it would spell ‘boobies’?

Well for more than just giggles, Bonds and Clemenger BBDO have teamed up to create a campaign to raise money for the McGrath Foundation built around the boob calculator concept. Their ‘Make a Point For Boob’ campaign shows a display with the word boobs on it and allows people to move the decimal point to specify the amount that they would like to donate, starting from $8.

Watch the video behind the campaign here>

There are many breast cancer awareness fundraising events being held throughout the month of October, you can take a look at them here>

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