#Get Teleported: Marriott Hotels create 4D travel Experience

The beaches of Hawaii… downtown London… we have all wanted to escape, mid-week, mid-month but time and money are the two major factors that for most of us, quickly bring us back to reality.

Teleportation might just be the key. Partnering with Framestore, an Academy Award-winning visual effects and creative content studio and experiential marketing agency, Relevant, Marriott Hotels is aiming to give consumers an immersive 4D sensory experience through its virtual teleporter.

Marriott’s teleporter is a booth-like structure that has been equipped with a virtual reality headset (that displays 360 degree live action video and CGI generated imagery), a wireless headphone and a raft of 4-D sensory elements such as heat, wind and mist that are all intended to help create an unprecedented depth of travel immersion.

Bringing Hawaii’s Black Sand beach and London’s Tower 42 to eight selected locations across the United States, the Marriott teleporter will be available for virtual travel from September to November of this year.

View the behind the scenes video>

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