Walkers tweet activated vending machine

Walkers Crisps have used former English footballer and current sports broadcaster, Gary Lineker, in their Tweet powered vending machine. Transforming two bus shelters along London’s Oxford street, a virtual Gary entices people waiting for their bus to tweet him with a unique hashtag. The prize? A free packet of Walkers chips in a new flavour.

Brilliant or blasé?

Take a look at the video here>

We’re always interested in the way brands harness vending machines within their advertising. The Walkers machine is clearly product oriented, but we did come across another example of a vending machine being used for a more social cause.

Turkish company Pugedon have created a vending machine that feeds stray cats and dogs through recycling. An estimated 150,000 stray cats and dogs are reported to wonder the streets of Istanbul, so the benefits of this machine are two fold. Istanbul residents are encouraged to recycle and the stray animals are fed as the recycled bottle covers the cost of the pet food. What the Smart Recycling Box does so brilliantly is create that instant link - where the positive effect of recycling is immediately visible.

View the short video here>

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