Luma at AMSRS 2014: How mobile is changing research

The big problem. Advertising research is known for its traditional, long (read as long and boring) and cumbersome surveys. At Luma, we wanted to find out whether we could turn this on its head. Could we deliver insights with far fewer questions? And could it be done “in the moment” using mobile phones?

Our testing ground? The 2014 Super bowl. The pinnacle of advertising where over 80 advertisers spend millions on producing, pre-releasing and flighting their latest campaigns. With over 111 million TV viewers and at US$4m for 30 seconds, advertisers need to know quickly whether their ads are effective and how they can drive post game viewing.

Could mobile provide these answers? Could we cut down a traditional survey and deliver it to people the minute the game finished and still get the same or better outcome?

If you’re keen to find out more, Sally Joubert and Georgia Phillips along with James Burge from Research Now will be presenting the interesting results at AMSRS on the 5th of September at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne. We hope to see you there!


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