Noodles go airborne with 'drone-vertising' in Russia

When you think of drones what comes to mind? Unmanned aerial vehicles used in international conflicts right? Noodles? Not so much.

Drones were top of mind however for creative agency Hungry Boys, who used a squadron of drones as aerial billboards to advertise a new range of dishes for noodle company Wokkers.

With traditional advertising channels congested and likely to be ignored by the target audience – office workers in high rise buildings in Moscow’s financial district, Hungry Boys made the promotion airborne using 10 drones to fly Wokker banners around the high-rise buildings during lunch time.

The result of this air-tastic advertising technique? Local deliveries increased by 40% in the campaign areas.

It’s certainly not the first time drones have been used to advertise products in the global arena but the first time the technique has been used in the Russian market. How many Russian companies will take the plunge and follow suit? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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