Intermarche’s Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables

We’ve all brought them home at one point, but mostly because they’ve slyly slipped into our bags while we actually wanted to select another. They don’t have that glow, they’re not perfect, they wouldn’t be first choice to grace the cover of posters or star in any commercials. Imperfect fruits and vegetables.

Shunned by consumers, 300 million tonnes of fruit and vegetables are thrown out by growers every year, contributing to the wider problem of food waste.

Inspired by the European Union’s vote to make 2014 the year against food waste, Intermarche, France’s third largest supermarket chain, decided to give these imperfect fruits and vegetables a helping hand, dubbing them the ‘inglorious fruits and vegetables’ and giving them their own aisle, labels and discounted pricing.

The Grotesque Apple, the Ridiculous Potato, the Failed Lemon were all given starring roles in Intermarche’s brilliant mixed media campaign that not only increased awareness and social media conversation around food waste, but also increased store traffic by 24%.

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