June’s Soundtrack Shakedown

It’s Classic Rock vs 80s Hip Hop, market leader vs upstart challenger.

We love it when brands use music to help their ad stand out and get noticed. Two really interesting examples are doing the rounds right now. Coincidentally both are for car brands aimed fairly and squarely at middle Australian families.

There’s the new Kia Sportage ad featuring ‘Push It’ by Salt n Pepa

View the ad>

and the Toyota RAV4 spot with the Creedence based ‘Down on the Corner’ jingle.

View the ad>

Both are really interesting examples of how to use music to help an ad stand out - they certainly got our attention. But it’s not all about getting noticed though. Which do you think will have the strongest impact on how people feel about the brand? Particularly suburban mums and dads aged 30-49?

The Luma verdict goes to Salt n Pepa. It’s a super clever choice that completely supports the creative idea, and will leave people humming along, in a good way. The Kluger jingle, well…we’ll let you decide.

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