Beautiful analyses your selfies and creates a personalised skin profile

Company ModiFace has developed a new app called Beautiful Me.

Using patented data technology and statistical analysis, the app analyses up to 100 Facebook photos automatically downloaded from a user’s Facebook profile, and creates a customised skin profile. This profile provides the user with information on their actual skin tone, how their skin and face have been ageing over time and their existing make up preferences including their most utilised lipstick, blush and eye shadow colours.

The app then provides recommendations of how existing make up selections can be adjusted to improve the health of the skin.

With new makeup products released on a consistent basis, the average customer faces the battle of sticking with what they know or trying their luck with the latest product whenever they run out of their existing favourite. The benefit of an app like this? It may provide that much needed nudge to say ‘it’s time to move on and try something new’, or alternatively, arm the user with their correct colour palette when trying to find their new product preference.

Somehow though, the cynic in me thinks it’s only a matter of time before the app is commercialised by a skincare or makeup conglomerate to solely advertise their own wares, which in itself would bring about a whole new set of challenges…

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